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RTS Tuning Crew memeber Anton contacted me to develop a telegram bot for tuning atelier. The task was clear - create a telegram bot, where user can see the information for a website and have a possibility to make an online booking. The most unusual feature - create an algorithm to know the possible result of chip-tuning. To do this, I had to fetch data from the website, parse it and went deeper and deeper. That's what I mean:

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Volvo S90

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Volvo S90 (2015-2019)

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Volvo S90 2.0 T5

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As bot needs to have a booking online mechanism, our team decided to use MySQL database for storing data. After that we've chosen the library for bot - PHP Telegram Bot. This is the most popular and efficient framework for bots, which is also recommeded by Telegram develpoers. We discussed the algorithm of bot with Anton and started the development. After a few days the bot was ready.



May 2019


Artem Kopytko